With a background in marketing research, events, advertising and promotions, I have worked in marketing for over twenty years.

Since 2013, I have assisted organizations manage staff resources, develop marketing strategies and increase their respective reputations in the digital realm.  A few examples of successful and engaging campaigns from past and current clients in Monterey, California and Chattanooga, Tennessee can be found on the portfolio page.

In addition to an addiction to nature photography, I also enjoy any opportunity to experience the great outdoors and live music.  My favorite places are strolling along the Walnut Street Bridge in downtown Chattanooga, exploring the Tennessee Aquarium or wandering in the Great Smoky Mountains simply enjoying the view.


3E Social Social Media Coordinator, Treston Tanner


I moved to Chattanooga in 2013 to attend college at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with the plans to quickly finish school and move back home, but I fell in love with Chattanooga and all the area has to offer.

With a grant through the TSBDC, I received the opportunity to intern at 3E Social during my final semester at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Immediately following the completion of my Bachelors in Marketing, I became a full time employee of 3E Social.

My role at 3E Social is to help develop marketing strategies, content planning and creation, social media management, keeping up with all of the changes that come with social media, and enjoying that we are able to help others grow their digital assets.  Examples of engaging content creation and management from past and current clients can be found on the portfolio page.

Like Lisa, I also share a passion for photography. I enjoy traveling any chance I get, exploring new hiking trails, and testing my limits rock climbing. I love food. I am always looking for new places to try around Chattanooga.